Arcade is a combination of multiple minigames into one gamemode. You can select between Temple Run, TNT Run, TNT Tag, Splegg, Quake and PartyGames by clicking on one of the many NPCs.


  • All languages are allowed in the public chat.

Useful Commands

Command Alias Explanation
/vote  - Get a list of links to the vote sites.
/votes - Check your monthly vote count.
/votetop - Check the top 10 voters of the month.
/shop /vshop Open the voting shop to buy temporary perks.
/chatcolor /color Open a GUI to select your chatcolor if you purchased any.

Temple Run

Temple run is a game where you should run and collect coins and coins boosters in order to gain checkpoints so you won't be teleported back to the main spawn point if you fall. The first three players to finish the parkour and reach the end will be the winners.


In TNT Run, the last player standing will be the winner. When the game starts, the blocks you walk on will start disappearing and the longer the game lasts the more challenging it is to win it. You get 5 double jumps which can be activated with the feather item you receive in the game.


TNT Tag is a tag game, meaning you are supposed to tag your enemies and give them the TNT if you have it. There are multiple rounds and players will be eliminated in each round until only 2 players are last standing against each other and will determine the final winner.


Splegg is a game where you receive a shovel that can throw eggs. The eggs will destroy the blocks they touch, as the goal of the game is to be the last player standing so you are supposed to make others fall off the map using your egg launcher.


Quake is a Free For All, first person shooter game where the first player to reach 25 kills is the winner. You receive a wooden hoe as your weapon to shoot others and get kills, you also have a dashing ability which you can use each 5 seconds by left clicking your item. You also receive a compass as a tracking device to locate players near you.

Party Games

Party Games is a fun minigame made out of a random choice of 7 minigames out of currently 9 total minigames. Those minigames go as follow: Pig Fishing, Trampolino, Punch The Bats, Minecart Racing, Animal Slaughter, Hoe Hoe Hoe, Frozen Floor, The Floor Is Lava, Jungle Jump.


Written by ralphie12