Bedwars is a minigame where each player or team spawn on a separate floating island in the void with a bed that ensure you will respawn as long as it is present. Protect your bed and defeat your enemies by destroying their beds. Collect Iron & Gold in your main island to purchase a variety of items, in most maps you are supposed to reach side islands to collect Diamonds and middle islands to collect Emeralds.


  • SkyBasing is forbidden.
  • Trolling is not allowed.
  • Cross teaming is not allowed.
  • Farm killing is strictly forbidden.
  • Team griefing/killing is not allowed.
  • All languages are allowed in the public chat.

Useful Commands

Command Alias Explanation
/vote - Get a list of links to the vote sites.
/votes - Check your monthly vote count.
/votetop - Check the top 10 voters of the month.
/shop /vshop Open the voting shop to buy temporary perks.
/chatcolor /color Open a GUI to select your chatcolor if you purchased any.
/party create -  Create a party.
/party invite [name] - Invite a player to join your party.
/party accept - Accept a party invitation from another player.
/stats - Check your stats, different in solo, duo & team bedwars.


We currently have the following 3 modes: solo, duo, and quads. You can join the maps for those modes in each of their respective servers in the game using the quickjoin NPCs in /bedwars.


By collecting diamonds while in the game, you can use them by clicking on the upgrades villager in the islands. The upgrades include Heal pool, Sharpened swords, Reinforced armor and more.


Written by ralphie12