Step into the world of BoxPvP with a singular goal, domination of The Box! Achieving supremacy hinges on PvP skills and securing formidable gear. It's a journey of strategy and resourcefulness.
In this page, we explain some of the most important knowledge you require to enjoy our BoxPvP server.


  • Inappropriate builds are strictly forbidden.
  • Intentional abuse of full inventory deaths with stacks of useless items is not allowed.
  • Scamming, stealing and tp killing are allowed.

Scamming ranks, store keys or scamming between gamemodes is strictly forbidden.

Useful Commands

Command Aliases Explanation
/enchant  - Teleport to the enchant warp.
/ranks  - List of all boxpvp ranks and their cost.
/rankup  - Rank up one BoxPvP rank.
/ah /auctionhouse Open the auction house.
/trade [username]  - Trade safely with another player.


The BoxPvP Box itself is a huge area with multiple mines in the open, however pay attention as PvP is enabled there. For safer gathering of resources, you can either mine at the starter location or earn vouchers from the crates that will allow you to access ranked mines.

In the next paragraph we will explain the usage of tokens, which can be obtained in multiple ways.

Valuable Exchange

In BoxPvP, you need to mine and trade what you got for crystals as it will be the currency used to purchase gear and other items. Take your hard-earned blocks and trade them with the villagers for precious crystals. Go to /warp sellshop.
Accumulate currency and seize the opportunity to /rankup to higher prestiges.


You can play BoxPvP as a solo player, or you can create/join a gang and play as a team! Ally with other gangs. Upgrade your gang to a higher level to increase the member limit.


Written by ralphie12