Creative is a gamemode mainly for players to show their creativity and building skills, but can be used for multiple purposes such as practicing to bridge, pvp, or build some redstone machines with a few limitations.


  • Scamming is not allowed.
  • Plot traps of any kind are forbidden.
  • Laggy plots/redstone clocks are not allowed.
  • Inappropriate builds are strictly forbidden.

Useful Commands

Command Alias Explanation
/spawn - Teleport to the main spawn.
/plot help /ps help Help for most plot commands.
/plot auto /ps auto , /ps a Automatically claim a random plot.
/plot home [number] /ps home , /ps h Teleport to your plots.
/plot visit [name] [number] /ps visit, /ps v Teleport to the plots of other players.
/plot trust [name] /ps trust , /ps t Trust a player on your plot.
/plot remove [name] /ps remove, /ps r Remove a player's trust on your plot.
/plot deny [name] /ps deny, /ps d Deny a player from entering your plot.
/menu - Open the main menu containing multiple menus.
/heads /hdb Open the menu to purchase heads.
/vehicles /vehicle Open the menu to purchase vehicles.
/shop - Open the menu to purchase additional plots, up to 5.
/gadgets - Open the menu to purchase gadgets using dust and equip them.


You can vote and gain 30 minutes of WorldEdit time for each vote. This includes a limited set of WorldEdit permissions, as some of them can be quite abusable and laggy so they are not given to everyone. For extra WorldEdit permissions, check out the creative category on our store and have a look at the ranks.

The commands you will gain access to once you have WorldEdit time are the following:

//wand Get the selection wand for worldedit.
//pos [1-2] Select the first and second position of a selection.
//copy Copy your selection.
//cut Cut your selection.
//paste Paste your selection.
//rotate Rotate your selection.
//flip Flip your selection.
//undo Undo your last worldedit action.
//redo Redo your last worldedit action.
/up [number of blocks] Go up by a specified amount of blocks.
//set [to] Set your selection to a specific block, for example //set stone
//replace [from] [to] Replace something in your selection, for example //replace sandstone grass_block


While having WorldEdit time, you will get access to goBrush to help you build using heightmaps. Simply left click with a flint to open the GUI and check the settings of the brush you will be using then right click with the same item to start using it.


The WorldEdit permissions also include goPaint, which allows a great painting experience in Minecraft. Simply left click with a feather to open the GUI and take a look at the different settings then right click with the same item to start painting.

Armor Stand Editor

When you left click with a sunflower item, the Armor Stand Editor GUI will open. It allows for great manipulation of armor stands in order to add more detail to any build. All players have access to most of the features this editor offers.

Cosmetics & Gadgets

You can get cosmetics and gadgets by either buying them using dust you get from voting, or from mystery boxes. You get mystery boxes randomly with your play time on the creative server, you will see a message in chat saying you found a certain mystery box which you can go open at /spawn.


A vote party happens every 500 votes, this counter includes all the votes globally done by our players so it isn't only focused on the votes of creative players. You will get a virtual vote party key, which you can open at /warp crates to obtain dust, worldedit time, money and mystery boxes.


Written by ralphie12