Duels is a gamemode where you can fight other players and train to gain more experience in 1.9+ Combat of Minecraft, with multiple kits, crystal pvp, parties, 1v1, 2v2, party fights, party FFA and more.


  • Camping is not allowed.
  • Pearl and block glitching are not allowed.
  • All languages are allowed in the public chat.

Useful Commands

Command Alias Explanation
/party create - Create a party.
/party invite [name] - Invite your friends to your party.
/party chat - Toggle the party chat.
/party help - Get a list of commands regarding parties.
/duel [name] - Duel a player, you can select a specific kit and map.
/shop /vshop Open the voting shop to buy temporary perks.
/chatcolor /color Open a GUI to select your chatcolor if you purchased any.
/unranked - Open the unranked queue GUI.
/ranked - Open the ranked queue GUI.
/vote - Get a list of links to the vote sites.
/votes - Check your monthly vote count.
/votetop - Check the top 10 voters of the month.


We currently have 9 kits with 2 modes for each kit, a 1v1 and a best of 3 rounds mode where the first to win 2 rounds is the winner. We may add more kits in the future, and you may notice a few differences between kits in the duels1 and duels2 servers as we modify them.

ELO Ranks

You gain ELO by playing ranked duels, the only requirement currently to be able to join the ranked queue is having at least 10 kills. The higher the ELO you get, the higher the rank you'll receive which will be shown in the chat as your prefix.
Your ELO rank is determined by your global ELO, which is calculated as followed: The sum of the ELO you have on all the kits, divided by the number of kits and excluding all the kits where you have 0 ELO.


Written by ralphie12