Factions is a gamemode based on players creating bases to survive in pvp enabled worlds. Players can form their own groups called Factions, and can make use of TNT cannons and creeper eggs to raid other factions and collect their loot. Survive the raids, improve your base and explore the worlds!


  • Laggy TNT cannons are not allowed.
  • Inappropriate faction names are not allowed.
  • Abusing alt accounts for faction benefits will result in a permanent IP ban.
  • Reaching the nether roof is not allowed.
  • Betraying your own faction from the inside (insiding) is not allowed.
  • Scamming, griefing and tp killing are allowed.

Scamming ranks, store keys or scamming between gamemodes is strictly forbidden.

Useful Commands

Command Alias Explanation
/wild /rtp Teleport to a random location in the wild overworld.
/kits  - Get a list of the kits you have access to.
/f help - Get a list of faction related commands.
/f create [name] - Create your own faction.
/f invite [name] - Invite a player to your faction.
/f join [name] - Join the faction of another player.
/f claim - Claim a chunk for your faction.
/f upgrades - Check out various faction upgrades available.
/f chat - Toggle the faction chat.
/daily  - Claim your daily reward.
/sethome  - Set a home.
/shop  - Open the server shop.
/ah - Open the auction house.
/scoreboard - Toggle the scoreboard ON or OFF.
/trade [name] - Trade safely with another player.
/warps - Check the list of the most commonly used warps.
/vote  - Get a list of links to the vote sites.
/votes - Check your monthly vote count.
/votetop - Check the top 10 voters of the month.
/chatcolor  /color Open the menu to change your chatcolor if you have access to it.
/colors - Get a list of the minecraft color codes.
/formats - Get a list of the minecraft format codes.
/withdraw [amount] /cashnote , /moneynote Withdraw your money into a note.
/xpbottle [amount] /xpb  Withdraw your XP into a bottle.

Faction Upgrades

The Factions server offers the following 9 Faction Upgrades:

  1. Damage Increase
  2. Reinforced Armor
  3. Damage Reduction
  4. TNT Bank
  5. Faction Power
  6. Warps
  7. Fall Damage
  8. Faction Members
  9. Unbreakable Redstone

Note: The faction upgrades work only in your faction claimed chunks.

Armor Sets

Armor sets are special armors that will give you effects or abilities when you fully wear all of it. You can obtain pieces of those sets from all the crates including the vote crate.

The Factions server includes the following 4 sets:

  1. Flash Set - Gain 25% attack speed, 40% movement speed, 2x more food from eating but take 25% more incoming damage.
  2. Hunter Set - Deal 2x trident damage, 1.5x bow damage but 15% less melee damage.
  3. Angelic Set - Gain 5 more hearts, 25% regeneration speed, reduce hunger loss by 50% but deal 10% less melee damage.
  4. Reaper Set - Deal 40% more damage and take 10% less incoming damage.

Once obtained, each set will be a custom leather armor. However you can upgrade that with an upgrade crystal found in the crates.

You may find one of the following 4 crystals:

  1. Iron Crystal - Upgrades your custom armor to Iron armor level.
  2. Diamond Crystal - Upgrades your custom armor to Diamond level.
  3. Netherite Crystal - Upgrades your custom armor to Netherite level.
  4. Mythic Crystal - Upgrades your custom armor to Mythic level, which is the same as Netherite but with +5% attack speed and damage per armor piece upgraded.

Note: All crystals are required to be used in order, besides the Mythic one. Meaning that you need an Iron upgraded armor piece to use a Diamond crystal, but do not have any requirements to use the Mythic Crystal.


Envoys are random chests dropped around the map, the coordinates of the drops are announced in chat when it happens. You can check when the next envoy drop will happen by using the command /envoytime and you can go to the overworld with a compass to track the envoys by binding your compass in your main hand using /envoycompass.


Written by ralphie12