Frequently Asked Questions

Useful Commands

Command Aliases Explanation
/register [password] - Register your account on the server.
/login [password] /l Login using your current password.
/changepassword [current-password] [new-password] - Change your current password.
/addemail [password] [email-address] /changeemail , /email Link your email address to your account for password resets.
/pwreset [email-address] /pwrecovery , /passwordreset , /accountrecovery Request a password reset via your email.
/confirmpasswordrecovery [code] [new-password] - Change your password using the code you obtained via your email.
/requestsecondfactor - Request to add 2FA authentication as a security layer to your account.
/activatesecondfactor [password] [code] - Activate 2FA using the code from your authenticator application.
/deactivatesecondfactor [password] [code] - Deactivate 2FA if you choose to do so.
/friend /friends Get a list of commands for the friends system.
/gparty /gparties Get a list of commands for the global party system.
/info - Important information and links.
/logout - Removes your current session so you have to login again after rejoining.

I can't chat or join voice channels in MineMalia's Discord server?

You must link your MineMalia Minecraft account with your Discord account to obtain the Linked role and access the rest of our Discord server.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Join our server using the IP and login. (Register if it's your first time)
  2. Execute the command /verify , that will take you to our verification server.
  3. While in the verification server, use the command /discord link to obtain a 4 digit code that will be sent to you in chat.
  4. Send the code in the # 🔗︱verify-code channel and your account is now linked!

Voting Points & Shop

Some of our current minigames have a voting shop with voting points as the currency. You can obtain voting points by voting, each vote will grant you 1 voting point and once you have collected enough points you can use them to purchase temporary perks or minigames ranks from the voting shop in each minigame. By using the /points command, you can check how many voting points you have in the specific minigame you are online on.

My villagers are disappearing?

Villagers are the worst entity in the game when it comes to performance, in order to preserve the best performance of the servers we must limit villagers accordingly. The limits for villagers is 6 per 25 blocks radius, any extra villager in that limit will cause a random one to vanish.
If you think your villagers are disappearing for another reason, it might be because they are not protected enough from baby zombies or other mobs that might kill them as well.

ChestShop Tutorial

ChestShop is a great feature included in most of our servers, for players to create their own shops to buy/sell items from/to other players.
There are 2 ways to create a ChestShop sign which we will cover in this tutorial.
1) You can put the item you want to buy/sell in your main hand and use /iteminfo to get the necessary item ID to fill on the sign's 4th line.
2) You can put the item you wish to buy/sell in the chest container then create a sign with the “?” symbol placed on the 4th line, it will be autocompleted with the necessary ID.

There are 4 lines to be filled on each ChestShop sign in order to create one:

  1. Your name
  2. The amount of items to be bought/sold
  3. B amount , S amount or B amount : amount S
  4. ? or the item ID
Examples of multiple types of ChestShop signs.
From left to right: Buy sign, Sell sign, Buy & Sell sign

Redstone Guidelines

✦ Redstone disco or redstone lamps with observer clocks are totally forbidden, this will immediately get you banned without any warning.

✦ Pumpkin farms must have very long clocks, or must be a redstone very efficient design such that the piston activity is lowered as much as possible.

✦ Bamboo and sugar cane farms that use flying machines are allowed on small scales, however the machines should never be permanently on and you must always turn them off when they are not in use.

✦ Minecarts with hoppers should always be toggle-able, if we find permanently running minecarts with hoppers they will be deleted and you will be warned/punished.

✦ Any sugar farm design with observers that cause insane redstone activity such as activating the pistons in a crazy way each time a sugar cane grow, will get you immediately banned no matter the size of that farm.

✦ Very fast redstone clocks are forbidden, you will immediately be punished accordingly depending on the severity and speed of the redstone clock. (Examples: hopper clock with 2 items, repeater fast clock etc.)

✦ Mob farm with flushing water using clocks is not allowed, it causes too much lag.

✦ Chunk loaders that uses redstone are totally forbidden and will immediately lead to a severe ban.

✦ Cactus farms on big scales are strictly forbidden, they will be removed and you will be risking a permanent IP ban.

If any of your machines/farms are causing lag issues for the rest of the players, you may be immediately banned without any warning depending on the severity of the damage caused so be careful and use common sense.


Written by ralphie12