Kitpvp is a server where you can select specific pre-made kits and fight in a large Free For All arena. Practice your PvP skills and get on the leaderboard!


  • Farm Killing using alts or a friend to gain coins and killstreaks is not allowed.
  • All languages are allowed in the public chat.

Useful Commands

Command Alias Explanation
/stats - Check your points, kills & deaths
/kill - You can use this command out of combat to respawn and pick another kit.


You can earn coins by killing other players and gain extra coins at specific Kill Streaks. You can use your coins to buy new kits.


You can rankup in the kitpvp server by grinding exp and reaching specific kitpvp ranks which have rewards and a custom prefix in chat.
You will gain 1 up to 3 exp per kill, randomly.
The ranks for kitpvp are the following:

  • Novice: 0-50 EXP
  • Starter: 50-250 EXP
  • Fighter: 250-1000 EXP
  • Pro: 1000-1750 EXP
  • Warrior: 1750-3500 EXP
  • Legend: 3500-5000 EXP
  • Immortal: 5000-12000 EXP
  • Mythical: 12000+ EXP
  • Warden: 50000+ EXP
  • Celestial: 100000+ EXP


Written by ralphie12