Lifesteal revolves around a twist of survival and hardcore which consists of stealing hearts by killing other players. PvP is enabled everywhere outside the spawn and there are no claims, so you must protect your base as a solo player or as a team.
If you reach 0 hearts, you will face a death ban which will last 24 hours by default, however you can be revived by your friends in multiple ways that will be explained below.


  • Reaching the nether roof is not allowed.
  • Combat logging is strictly forbidden.
  • Scamming, griefing and tp killing are allowed.

Scamming ranks, store keys or scamming between gamemodes is strictly forbidden.

Useful Commands

Command Alias Explanation
/boosters - Open the boosters menu to activate one if you have any. You can buy some on our store page.
/info - Important links related to the server such as the discord, wiki, etc.
/help - Some information regarding some of the features.
/ping - Check your current ping.
/spawn - Teleport back to the main spawnpoint.
/warp crates /warp keys Open your crate keys at this location.
/wild /rtp Teleport to a random location in the wild overworld.
/kits  - Get a list of the kits you have access to.
/daily  - Claim your daily reward.
/home [homename] - Teleport to one of your homes.
/sethome [homename]  - Set a home.
/delhome [homename] - Delete a specific home.
/shop  - Open the server shop.
/ah - Open the auction house.
/scoreboard - Toggle the scoreboard ON or OFF.
/trade [name] - Trade safely with another player.
/warps - Check the list of the most commonly used warps.
/vote  - Get a list of links to the vote sites.
/votes - Check your monthly vote count.
/votetop - Check the top 10 voters of the month.
/chatcolor  /color Open the menu to change your chatcolor if you have access to it.
/colors - Get a list of the minecraft color codes.
/formats - Get a list of the minecraft format codes.
/withdraw [amount] /cashnote , /moneynote Withdraw your money into a note.
/xpbottle [amount] /xpb Withdraw your XP into a bottle.
/withdrawheart [amount] - Withdraw a certain amount of hearts into a bottle.

Hearts System

In Lifesteal, the hearts system is the most important and unique aspect. You start with 10 hearts by default, you will lose 1 heart each time you get killed by a player and you will gain 1 heart each time you get a kill, you can have up to 30 hearts. However there are other ways to obtain or use hearts too.
You can obtain heart items from crates, which upon use can increase your hearts counter by a certain amount based on the heart item you got.
You can also obtain hearts from another player because in this gamemode, you can withdraw them. By using /withdrawheart [amount], you can withdraw a certain amount of hearts into a bottle.


You can play lifesteal as a solo player, or you can create your own gang and play as a team! A gang has it's own gang ranks, chat, bank, homes and can be allied with other gangs. Creating your own gang costs 50,000 ingame money and is done by using /gang create [name] and invite players to it with /gang invite [player].

Revive Beacons

Revive beacons are used to revive a player so that they don't have to wait for their death ban to be over. There are 4 types of revive beacons, all can be found in crates at /warp crates.
Each type of beacon has it's own specifications, such as revive time, cooldown and durability. One of them has a special effect too.

- Revive time is the time taken after the beacon is placed, for it to actually revive the player.
- Cooldown is the time you must wait in between using a beacon of a certain type.
- Durability is the amount of times your beacon (which is a custom head block) can be broken by someone before it is destroyed and cancelled.

The revive beacons are the following:

  1. Revive Beacon Tier I - Revive time: 120 Seconds | Cooldown: 2 Hours | Durability: 5 Breaks
  2. Revive Beacon Tier II - Revive time: 90 Seconds | Cooldown: 2.5 Hours | Durability: 5 Breaks
  3. Revive Beacon Tier III - Revive time: 60 Seconds | Cooldown: 3 Hours | Durability: 5 Breaks
  4. Revive Beacon Ghost - Revive time: 5 Minutes | Cooldown: 6 Hours | Durability: 1 Break

Each of the revive beacons will broadcast the location upon usage, such that everyone can find it and attempt to destroy it. However, the ghost revive beacon has a special effect in which it won't broadcast the location and thus makes it the most rare out of all the beacons since it can silently revive a player, though it has the weakest durability and longest revive time/cooldown.

To use a revive beacon, you must put it in your main hand and bind it to a player that is currently dead/has a death ban already. To do so, you should use /bind [player].

Lifesteal Commands

Players have access to 2 special lifesteal commands, they are the following:

- /lifesteal revive [player] - Sacrifice 10 hearts to revive a certain player with an ongoing death ban, cooldown 24 hours.
- /lifesteal check [player] - Check some information about a player, such as banned, ban time and hearts amount.


The shop in lifesteal is much more limited than other servers due to it's hardcore aspect. Since there are no claims, you will most likely not buy some decoration for a house build since you may find it raided the next day, thus the shop is mostly focused on combat, miscellaneous items and selling resources to make money.
In the 1.20 update of Lifesteal, armor trims and more 1.20 additions are now available in the shop!


Replant is a feature that will make grinding easier for players who like farming. It can be toggled using /replant and will automatically replant fully grown harvested crops.


Auctions is a known feature and is present in this lifesteal server. You can set items up for auction and other players will be able to buy it from the auction house. You can do so by using /ah sell [price] and other players will be able to open /ah and buy it if they want it/need it.


Written by ralphie12