Oneblock is an island type gamemode in which you start by spawning on a single block that regenerates itself once you break it. Each time the oneblock respawns, it will generate something randomly. Progress all the way through 17,000 blocks and 13 phases, and build the most beautiful island!


  • Scamming is not allowed.
  • Auto mining will result in a ban and an island level reduction.

Useful Commands

Command Alias Explanation
/is /island Create an island and get started, if you already have an island this command will teleport you to it.
/is team invite [name] /island team invite Invite a player to join your island.
/is team accept /island team accept Accept an invitation. 
/is team reject /island team reject Reject an invitation. 
/is help /island help Check out help for most island commands. 
/is team help /island team help Check out help for most island team managing commands. 
/missions /quests , /q Complete quests to earn money.
/daily  - Claim your daily reward.
/mcmmo  - Check out your mcmmo levels for each skill.


The Oneblock server offers the following 14 different phases:

  1. Plains
  2. Underground
  3. Winter
  4. Ocean
  5. Jungle
  6. Swamp
  7. Dungeon
  8. Desert
  9. The Nether
  10. Plenty
  11. Desolation
  12. The End
  13. The Cave
  14. Mystery

With that being said, each phase has it's own unique blocks, mobs, chests with items and more that might spawn out of the broken oneblock, pay attention as it might override anything that you build too close to the oneblock if it requires to spawn some water for example.


To enhance the interaction of our players with each others we decided to provide PlayerWarps as the ability for players to create their own warps and add them to specific categories, whether that would be shop, xp farm, building and other. All players have access to set 2 PlayerWarps by default.

Chunk Hoppers

A chunk hopper is used to collect all the drops within an entire chunk. You can check the chunk borders visually by toggling this using F3+G to know where to place your chunk hoppers. You can obtain a chunk hopper from the vote crates or you can purchase one from the server shop in the redstone category.
Once you have your chunk hopper placed, you can left click it to open a GUI menu that will show the different options to customize and upgrade your chunk hopper to be more efficient.


Written by ralphie12