Parkour is a server where you can practice your Minecraft parkour skills on different and unique maps with checkpoints, special features such as launchpads and more. Reach the leaderboard by gaining higher levels and more parkoins which is the currency of the parkour server that can be traded for voting points.


  • All languages are allowed in the public chat.

Useful Commands

Command Alias Explanation
/leaderboard - Check out a per map based leaderboard.
/join - Open the map selector to join a parkour map.
/trader - Trade your parkoins for voting points.
/vote - Vote to earn voting points.
/shop - Open the voting shop.
/ranks - Check out the list of available parkour ranks.


Parkoins is the currency of the parkour server, which can be traded for voting points and has its own leaderboard. You earn parkoins after completing parkour courses, the harder the course the more parkoins you will earn once you finish it.


You can rankup in the parkour server by grinding levels which can be obtained by finishing parkour courses. The harder the course, the more rewarding it will be in regards to earned levels and with more levels you will gain a higher rank which will be displayed as your chat prefix and your tab prefix. The higher your rank, the higher you will appear on the tab.
The ranks for parkour are the following:

  • Beginner: Level 50
  • Amateur: Level 100
  • Trainee: Level 300
  • Prodigy: Level 750
  • Professional: Level 1500
  • Expert: Level 5000
  • Specialist: Level 10000
  • Master: Level 20000


Written by ralphie12