Prison is a gamemode in which you should mine, gather resources, sell them for money, and rank up to free! It features lots of mining, gangs, PvP battles and more.
In this page, we explain some of the most important knowledge you require to enjoy our prison server.


  • Laggy plots are not allowed.
  • Auto mining is not allowed.
  • Intentional abuse of full inventory deaths with stacks of useless items is not allowed.
  • Scamming, stealing and tp killing are allowed.

Scamming ranks, store keys or scamming between gamemodes is strictly forbidden.

Useful Commands

Command Aliases Explanation
/token /te Check the amount of tokens you have.
/token withdraw [amount] /te withdraw Withdraw a certain amount of tokens into an item which you can sell to other players.
/enchant  - A command to be used while holding items you want to enchant.
/plot help  /ps help Help for most plot commands.
/plot auto  /ps auto , /ps a Automatically claim a random plot.
/plot home [number]  /ps home , /ps h  Teleport to your plots.
/plot visit [name] [number]  /ps visit, /ps v Teleport to the plots of other players.
/plot trust [name]  /ps trust , /ps t Trust a player on your plot.
/plot remove [name]  /ps remove, /ps r Remove a player's trust on your plot.
/plot deny [name]  /ps deny, /ps d Deny a player from entering your plot.
/ranks  - List of all prison ranks and their prices.
/rankup  /ru Rank up one prison rank.
/mines  - Check the prison mines you have access to.
/pvp  /warp pvp , /warp pvp2, /warp fps Teleport to one of the pvp arenas.
/sellall [mine-name]  - Sell all the items in your inventory at a certain mine, for example /sellall z


The prison server features mines all the way from A to Prestige 20. To get started, you should go mine in /warp a to gain tokens and sell your blocks using the sell signs to get money to rank up. Most blocks in the game will be found in the mines while some others are available at the server shop. When you have enough money to rank up, you can do so by using /rankup and then use the proper command to teleport to every new mine, for example /warp b or check all the mines using /mines

In the next paragraph we will explain the usage of tokens, which can be obtained in multiple ways.


Tokens are used to upgrade your pickaxe and other items with custom enchants to make them more powerful, adding multiple abilities such as speed, night vision, haste and more. For example, the excavation enchant will allow you to mine a 3x3x3 area by just mining the middle block.


  1. You can gain tokens by mining in the mines, you will get 10 tokens for each 250 blocks broken. You can also gain tokens by killing bosses or getting lucky blocks in the mines.
  2. Excavation and other similar explosive enchants only count the middle block as mined, so you won't gain more tokens with that custom enchant.
  3. Only custom enchants are refundable, meaning that if you add fortune 30 for example you cannot refund it however enchants such as excavation, tile, sphered etc can be refunded using /te refund [enchant] [levels]


The prison server contains 5 extremely powerful bosses that spawn every few hours and can be fought at /warp boss where PVP is disabled.
The 5 top damagers have a chance to money, tokens, blocks and some other rewards while other players who could not make it to the top 5 in damage will only receive a small participation reward.
The 5 bosses are the following:

  1. Destroyer Zombie
  2. Eternal Vindicator
  3. Prime Piglin
  4. Ancestral Wither Skeleton
  5. Arcane Husk


The prison server features a world dedicated for player plots. Every player is allowed to claim a plot, and once reaching the FREE rank you will gain access to a second plot. You can use the plots to store your items, create shops using ChestShops, or build something nice!


The prison server features some vanilla enchantments that go up to level 30 and a few custom enchantments meant for PvP. To check them out, place an item in your main hand and do /enchant to have a look at the respective menu, the prices are in tokens.

XP Trader

Since XP is a fundamental currency in prison required to add enchantments, you can trade your money in prison for XP using the trader shop which can be accessed by using /trader.

Apple Trader

Apples are very import within the prison server as they are the source of golden apples which is needed for pvp. You can trade your XP in prison for apples using the trader shop which can be accessed by using /appletrader.

Auction House

Players can sell a variety of items and stuff on the auction house for a specific price, the limit is 4 items per player.


Written by ralphie12