Skyblock is an island type gamemode in which you start by spawning on a floating island island in the middle of the void. With island upgrades, missions, warps and more, build the most beautiful island and stand out!


  • Scamming is not allowed.
  • Auto mining will result in a ban and an island level reduction.

Useful Commands

Command Alias Explanation
/is /island Create an island and get started, if you already have an island this command will teleport you to it.
/is invite [name] /island invite Invite a player to join your island.
/is accept [name] /island accept Accept an invitation. 
/is promote|demote [name] /island promote|demote Promote|Demote an island member.
/is coop /island coop Add player as co-op.
/is members /island members Open the members menu.
/is perms /island perms Change the permissions per island rank.
/is chat /island chat Toggle island team chat.
/is cp /island cp Open the island control panel.
/is help /island help Check out help for most island commands. 
/missions /quests , /q Complete quests to earn money.
/daily  - Claim your daily reward.
/mcmmo  - Check out your mcmmo levels for each skill.
/bt /besttool Toggle best tool selection ON or OFF, it will try to select the best tool for the action you're doing.
/rf /refill Toggle auto refill ON or OFF, if you run out of a certain block it will search for more of it in your inventory.
/sort /chestsort Open a GUI and toggle chest sorting options that will allow you to select hotkeys to automatically sort your chests.

Island Upgrades

The Skyblock server offers the following 6 Island Upgrades:

  1. Crop growth - Increase the speed of crop growth.
  2. Spawner rates - Increase the spawn rates of the spawners.
  3. Border size - Expand your island border.
  4. Generator level - Allows for more custom generated ores and ancient debris on max level.
  5. Drops multiplier - Multiplies the mob drops on the island.
  6. Members size - Allows for a bigger island members cap.

Custom Enchants

Custom enchants allow for special abilities and perks to be added on tools and weapons etc. You can add up to 3 custom enchants per item, alongside trackers and protection scrolls.
There are 8 special custom enchant items:

  1. White Scroll - Protects your item in case a low success rate custom enchant book fails.
  2. Magic Dust - Used to increase the success rate of custom enchant books.
  3. Black Scroll - Used to extract a custom enchant from an item, with exception to some custom enchants.
  4. Randomization Scroll - Used to reroll the success and destroy rates of a custom enchant book.
  5. BlockTrak - Track how many blocks you break with a tool.
  6. StatTrak - Track how many player kills you have with a weapon.
  7. MobTrak - Track how many mob kills you have with a weapon.
  8. Holy White Scroll - Used to prevent you from losing your item on death.

Chunk Hoppers

A chunk hopper is used to collect all the drops within an entire chunk. You can check the chunk borders visually by toggling this using F3+G to know where to place your chunk hoppers. You can obtain a chunk hopper from the vote crates or you can purchase one from the server shop in the redstone category.
Once you have your chunk hopper placed, you can left click it to open a GUI menu that will show the different options to customize and upgrade your chunk hopper to be more efficient.


Written by ralphie12