Skywars is a minigame where each player or team spawn on a separate floating island in the void and try to eliminate other players/teams, the last team standing is the winner. Each map has a middle island which contains better PvP loot and some maps have small islands around the middle as well.


  • SkyBasing is forbidden.
  • Cross teaming is not allowed.
  • Team griefing/killing is not allowed.
  • All languages are allowed in the public chat.

Useful Commands

Command Alias Explanation
/vote - Get a list of links to the vote sites.
/votes - Check your monthly vote count.
/votetop - Check the top 10 voters of the month.
/shop /vshop Open the voting shop to buy temporary perks.
/chatcolor /color Open a GUI to select your chatcolor if you purchased any.
/coins /bal Check the amount of coins you have.
@message - While in a game, you can use @message to send your messages as a shout to other teams.


We currently have 4 modes, which are solo, teams of 2, 3 and 4. You can create a party to join the same team in a game, most of this is done through GUIs in skywars using the join items so there aren't many commands as of now.

Chest Types

The skywars server features the 3 following chest types: Normal, OP and Insane. The normal type features normal loot and mostly unenchanted weapons and armor, while the OP type provides enchanted diamond with low level enchants and less golden apples or ender pearls, and lastly our insane type features the most OP PvP loot ranging from armor with higher level enchants to a lot more golden apples and ender pearls.

Coins & Achievements

You can earn coins by killing other players, winning games and completing achievements from a range of 53 available ones currently. You can use the coins to purchase Kits, Cages, Trails and Celebrations from the skywars shop which can be opened using the join item.


Kits are a set of items you will receive once in each skywars game. You can buy and select from 21 available kits in the skywars shop.


Written by ralphie12