Survival Red

Survival Red


Survival Red is the only server on MineMalia which has the difficulty set on Hard. Survival is a gamemode where players come together as a community and play minecraft together, enhanced with a lot of additional features such as custom enchants, playerwarps, auction, trade, economy, chestshops, pvp zone and much more!
Explore, trade, start a shop, build a city and make the impossible, possible!


  • Scamming is not allowed.
  • Griefing other players is forbidden.
  • Claiming near other players is not allowed, depends per case.

Useful Commands

Command Alias Explanation
/wild /rtp Teleport to a random location in the wild overworld.
/kits - Get a list of the kits you have access to.
/kit claimtool - Obtain the claimtool necessary to claim a land.
/trust [name] - Trust a player and give them access on your claim.
/daily - Claim your daily reward.
/sethome - Set a home.
/jobs - Join jobs to earn money.
/shop - Open the server shop.
/ce  /e Buy custom enchants and their related items.
/enchants - List of all the custom enchants per tier.
/ah - Open the auction house.
/scoreboard - Toggle the scoreboard ON or OFF.
/fly - Toggle your temporary or permanent fly status ON or OFF.
/tfly time - Check your remaining temporary fly time.
/trade [name] - Trade safely with another player.
/warps - Check the list of the most commonly used warps.
/playerwarp /pw , /pwarp Open the playerwarps menu.
/vote - Get a list of links to the vote sites.
/votes - Check your monthly vote count.
/votetop - Check the top 10 voters of the month.
/sit - Toggle the ability to sit on stairs and slabs. 
/claimflags /flags Open the menu to manage the flags on your claim.
/chatcolor /color Open the menu to change your chatcolor if you have access to it.
/colors - Get a list of the minecraft color codes.
/formats - Get a list of the minecraft format codes.
/withdraw [amount] /cashnote , /moneynote Withdraw your money into a note.
/xpbottle [amount] /xpb Withdraw your XP into a bottle.


A claim is a piece of land owned by a certain player. In order to claim land you must get the golden shovel claim tool from /kit claimtool , then you should select 2 opposite corners of a square to claim the land, it will extend on all the height of the chunk from the lowest Y level to the highest automatically.
Alternatively, you can stand in the middle of where you want to claim land and use the command /claim [radius], you can claim land based on the amount of claimblocks you have to use so keep that in mind.
If you use the command to claim, you would do /claim 15 in order to claim a 31x31 claim for example.


To enhance the interaction of our players with each others we decided to provided PlayerWarps as the ability for players to create their own warps and add them to specific categories, whether that would be shop, xp farm, building and other. You can gain access to set a PlayerWarp using a voucher obtained from the vote crates.

Custom Enchants

Custom enchants allow for special abilities and perks to be added on tools and weapons etc. You can add up to 7 custom enchants per item, alongside trackers and protection scrolls.
There are 9 special custom enchant items:

  1. White Scroll - Protects your item in case a low success rate custom enchant book fails.
  2. Magic Dust - Used to increase the success rate of custom enchant books.
  3. Black Scroll - Used to extract a custom enchant from an item, with exception to some custom enchants.
  4. Randomization Scroll - Used to reroll the success and destroy rates of a custom enchant book.
  5. BlockTrak - Track how many blocks you break with a tool.
  6. StatTrak - Track how many player kills you have with a weapon.
  7. MobTrak - Track how many mob kills you have with a weapon.
  8. Transmog Scroll - Organizes your enchants by ce rarity and add the lore count to the name.
  9. Holy White Scroll - Used to prevent you from losing your item on death.


Written by ralphie12